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  • Frequently Asked Questions For Patients

    1. What is the aim of Ask N Cure?

    Our mission is to promote appropriate, safe, and quality health care services. Its Easy and affordable way of reaching to qualified and experienced doctors 24x7 who will also provide solutions and will help in guiding for further treatment plans.We help in improving the quality of care and reduce costs for today's most complex investigation and treatments in various specialties.Our integrated platforms of solutions combine evidence-based medicine with proprietary technologies and provide superior customer service to users.

    2. What benefits I will get after registering in?

    After registering in you can consult respective doctor of your choice and can get benefit of getting answers and solutions to your queries within few hours without waiting for long appointments and ques in hospitals and in doctor's clinic.

    3. Is it paid or free?

    You may join this platform absolutely free. There are provisions for both free and paid questions.

    4. What is the fee?

    The fee is very nominal. You may refer the comparative chart (Fee Details) for detail.

    5. What is the payment mode?

    We accept payments by pay pals and through all major credit cards. You can pay through credit card and net banking.All the payment transactions will be safe and secured.

    6. What if I am not satisfied with the answer ?

    If not satisfied with the answer, you will have an option to get an answer from other doctor or you may ask for full refund.

    7. Can I get my money back?

    In case you are not satisfied with the answer please consult our customer care for refund.

    8. Do I need to register?

    Yes, for asking a question you need to go through an easy registration process.

    9. Can I upload my reports or images?

    Yes, You may upload your reports and/or images for better advice, after payment of a nominal fee.

    10. How can I give my feedback?

    On the basis of response from the doctor, his knowledge level and your satisfaction you may provide the feedback. You may also write your reviews.

    11. Can I share my experiences?

    On Ask n cure platform you may easily share your past or recent experiences so that other users may also get benefited.

    12. How can I contact AsknCure ?

    You will get a prompt response by calling our customer care and also by mailing us.

    13. Will I have to register separately for asking question for my family members ?

    No,You need not to register again for asking queries for your family members.You may add them by just providing the details in the same account.

    14. What care I should take before asking a question?

    For getting the best answer provide as much detail as possible. Upload your reports and images so that our experts are in better position to help you out.

    15. Does Askncure do anything from my data or can there be any breach of privacy?

    Askncure assures you that all your information will remain secured and we don't sell,rent or share your data with any third party.

  • Frequently Asked Questions For Doctors

    1. What is the aim of Askncure?

    The aim is to bring highly skilled doctors of different specialties on a single platform of Ask N cure so that patients from all over the world get benefited.

    2. Benefit of registering with us?

    • Help people in your free time n earn money.
    • Easiest way to manage and grow your practice.
    • Get experience from a variety of patients from all over the world.
    • Connect with doctors of different specialties

    3. Will I be paid for answering the question?

    Yes,you will be paid for the queries as per different categories of questions.

    4. How and when will I get my payment?

    Based on the respective queries you will get the payment in your back account as per the details provided during registration.The earned amount will be transferred to your account at the end of the month.

    5. Can I share my experiences?

    Yes, of course you can share your experiences related to your field and work experience, which can be beneficial to both patients as well as doctors.

    6. How much time will I get for answering the question

    You will get sufficient time to answer the question.

    7. Do I need to register?

    Yes, you need to register once to start your online practice.

    8. How can I earn points?

    You can earn points by answering maximum number of questions, through feedback given by the patients and referring other doctors to get them joinAsknure.

    9. How much will I paid for answering?

    Doctor will be intimated through mail.

    10. What care I should take while answering ?

    Please make sure that you are not answering a question about which you don't have enough knowledge.Use simple words(avoid using complicated medical terms) and take proper care to maintain privacy of the user.Try to avoid writing direct prescriptions(Don't write the name of user and also the brand name of medicine) .Please reread the answer carefully before submitting.

    11. Will this benefit in my personal practice?

    Yes, definitely it will provide platform to interact with number of patients as well as more exposure .It will also help in increasing number of walk -in patients and collaboration with other doctors too.


Are you a Doctor?

  • Help people in your free time and earn money
  • Easiest way to manage and grow your practice
  • Get experience from a variety of patients from all over the world
  • Connect with doctors of different specialties